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Hotels, Medical, Retail, Manufacturing
Commercial Construction Houston, TX

retail gas staion construction houston, tx

Shopping Centers, Retail and Gas Station Construction

We provide contracting and project management services for various commercial projects throughout the Houston metropolitan area and beyond. From Shopping Centers to Gas Stations, we ensure that your projects yield long-term benefits for you, your customers, and the community. To learn more about our commercial projects, read more

office and industrial builder houston, tx

Office, Medical and Industrial Construction

Gold Key Construction has expertise in designing and building large-scale industrial projects. Our industrial projects include office centers, medical clinics and day care centers. Industrial projects such as these require strict deadlines, budget and safety measures. Our experience, combined with our use of the most advanced equipment available, provides fast and effective industrial project solutions in line with current industry regulations. read more

We also specialize in warehouses with tilt wall construction

Contact us for more information about our work in the industrial construction sector and to view our current and past commercial and industrial projects.

Hotel Construction Houston, Texas

hospitality hotel renovations developer houston, texas

Planning, Design and Build Hotels & Motels in Texas

At Gold Key Construction, we are an industry leader in the architectural planning, design and construction for hotels, resorts and motels in Texas. Our vast experience in hospitality construction ensures that our buildings are sustainable, of the highest high quality and delivered on time and within budget. Hotel Builder

We strive to implement hospitality construction that benefits businesses, the community, and the local tourism sector as a whole.

Previous clients have included La Quinta Inn & Suites as well as Holiday Inn. Learn more about our planning, design and construction process for our hospitality projects.


New Construction & Hotel Renovations

Gold Key Construction specializes in new construction projects in the hospitality industry. Our experience includes construction for luxury as well as budget accommodations.

We are an industry leader in superior hospitality construction throughout the state of Texas. We also specialize in hotel renovations, managing the renovation process that is often necessary to meet current needs and attract new business opportunities and customers. Hotel Construction


Hi-tech and luxury Eco-Friendly developer

Gold Key is committed to providing Eco-friendly and green building offices & suites. Eco-friendly buildings are not only essential for the environment, but also provide economic benefits for developers, owners, and tenants.

We build with the most advanced sustainable materials, and employ the latest technologies to minimize our carbon footprint and provide "green" construction solutions. For further information about our commitment to Eco-Friendly and Hi-Tech construction, Hotel Builder

Specialty Service

  • Hotels, Motels & Hospitality
  • Retail & Shopping Centers
  • Daycare & Medical Office
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Gas Stations & Convenience Stores
  • Restaurant & Entertainment Centers
  • Condo and Apartment Complex
  • Custom Luxury Homes
  • Eco-Friendly Green Construction

Building Texas

Pre-Construction, Construction Management, Design, Build & Engineering

We are a full service residential and commercial general contractor located in Houston serving the great state of Texas. Contact Us


  • The purpose of this letter is to share with you the experience we had working with Gold Key Construction, LLC. They build our new 70 room Holiday Inn Express in Sealy Texas in a timely manner. The construction management and scheduling was so professional. They worked closely with all local city and fire marshal authority and also franchise too. We are very pleased with overall workmanship and construction, all done within time frame and no issue left behind.
    Alpesh Patel,
  • Polus Inc., a Texas Company incorporated in 2007, is in the business of importing Building materials like Quartz, Porcelain Tiles, Glass Doors, Granite and Wood Cabinets. These imported products are sold to Builders, Contractors and Business Owners in the Hospitality industry. The last 5 years, we have been doing business with Expo Construction, a Company well known in Texas for their excellence in Hotel Construction. The main spokesperson of Expo Construction is its partner, Mr. Yogi Patel. Now he has own company recognize as Gold Key Construction, LLC and I have confidence that he will perform and will do excellent job for his customer. We had the privilege of working with Mr. Yogi Patel in the various Hotels his company constructed like Holiday Inn at Channelview and Kemah, Crown Plaza and Stay bridge Houston, Super 8 Cotulla, etc. Just to name a few of the many in which we worked with him. Over the years of working with Mr. Yogi Patel, a few aspects stood out very distinctly and predominantly that are worth mentioning here, when we are talking about him.
    Raghavan Lakshmi,
  • Mr. Yogi Patel is a thorough professional who has in deep understanding of every functional and operational aspect of Construction. His expertise and skills include excellent planning and perfect field execution. His mastery in construction is vindicated in his ability to independently and single handedly bring to fruition a Multi-Million Dollar Hotel project from conception to completion on time and within the budget. Besides his exemplary professional attributes, Mr Yogi Patel is a man of impeccable character, whose honesty and integrity are unimpeachable. Suffice to say he is a man of words and caliber. It is always a pleasure to work with him and we look forward to working with him on many more projects in the future. Our good wishes to him in all his future endeavors.
    Raghavan Lakshmi,
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